Lasso Your Dreams Fundraiser


Box2Box Tumaini Academy

Like the kids we serve, we hope the night will be vibrant, energetic, and inspirational.

All proceeds will go directly to Box2Box.


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Box2Box is looking for community partners to help manifest a fundraiser this year. All proceeds will go into creating growth and learning opportunities for the youth we serve. Donations can come in any form, from a monetary contribution, to a donated venue or catering service.

Over the past two years, a fictional TV soccer coach has reminded us of the good in the world. As an American, with no experience, at the helm of a British soccer team, Ted Lasso reminded us that a fish-out-of-water can thrive by being true to themselves - kind, curious, and persevering. He reminded us that life is not easy, but together, through a unifying sport like soccer, we can endure and realize our God-given potential on the field and in life. 

So what does Ted Lasso have to do with us? With you? Well, we at Box2Box have a similar outlook - and we think, we hope, you do too. 

Box2Box was founded on a simple idea; meet kids where they are, go directly to their passion. In this case, meet them on the soccer field, then support them through consistent mentoring and academic tutoring. Soccer engages, while mentorship and a sense of belonging pushes kids toward their potential and beyond.

You can help. As a sponsor of our inaugural event, “Lasso your Dreams”, the impact you can make is best described as foundational. Specifically, you will help provide permanent transportation for our kids and help secure a permanent location for training, tutoring, and mentorship. A place to retreat to, a locker room, if you will. 

And like Ted Lasso, “we do love a locker room." He would say it "smells like potential.” 

Most Sincerely, 

The Box2Box Board 

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